5 awesome free photo databases for marketers

Content is king. But when bloggers and marketers such as myself get inspired to create topical copy and publish and promote it as soon as physically possible, the king can be delayed somewhat. We want people to read our compelling words and we know that pages and pages of writing are going to turn people off fast. We need a little imagery to keep hold of what we desire – readers’ full attention. So we turn to graphics, photos, videos, pull quotes, GIFs and jazzy fonts. (See you later Comic Sans!)

Adding images to your blog can be detrimental to a single reader persevering to the end.

If you’re looking to share your copy over social media, then you pretty much have to have imagery of some sort to support and promote it. (For some more social tips, check out my blog: “11 tips for effective Twitter business marketing!”).

I definitely seek to break up my content with imagery – but I’m sort of on an eternal budget after buying a new WordPress theme (it’s pipdig). And while I could scroll through my phone and friends’ pics for relevant shots, high-resolution photos are definitely preferable. And most of my photos are of my cats.

Free photo databases are the answer! Check out my top 5 free photo databases– the wonderful sites I turn to for this very blog in my hours of need. With these guys, your stock photography is sorted! Enjoy some random free images I’ve taken from each site too… 

1- Pixabay

Example of a free stock photo from online database Pixabay

Pixabay‘s saved many a blog post and Tweet for me!

2- Unsplash

Unsplash free photo for marketers

I mean, just look at this cute fox from Unsplash‘s wonderful database. It’s free!

3- Freeimages

Example of a free stock photo from online database FreeImages

Mysterious. And free! Thank you Freeimages!

4- picjumbo

Example of a stock photo from online database picjumboLovin’ the purple theme on this picjumbo visual offering.

5- NegativeSpace

Example of a free stock photo from onoline database NegativeSpaceIf you’re writing about space, this one’s for you. Cheers for the space, NegativeSpace!

If you want beautiful, free images, these are the guys to turn to. Of course, there are many more available! Which websites do you use? 🙂

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