The silver linings of being burgled

You may be aware that recently, mine and Harley’s home was broken into.

I came home alone to find the back window smashed in, with glass shattered across the kitchen surface. Every room had been searched and scavenged for valuables; paperwork thrown across tables, money pots emptied, drawers yanked open; wardrobes ripped apart – clothes, bank statements, jewellery, photo frames and more thrown across the floors and bed in particular, from what appears to have been a manic hunt.

The realisation that my home had been entered by one or more strangers – and my belongings had been touched, tossed around or worse, broken or stolen, is pretty indescribable. It left me feeling very unsettled (this is days after hysterical crying!). A humongous invasion of privacy was, and still is having, a lasting effect.

A plethora of our valuable items were taken, most dramatic of all the car! Inevitably, it’s been a rough and emotional couple of weeks having to deal with the feeling of our home being a target and having been invaded by thieves. But putting aside the upset and dramas and adulting of insurance payouts and lost-car-paperwork, some wonderful things have happened as a result of being burgled. 

There have truly been some silver linings.

First of all, we have had incredible support from family and friends. From thoughtful social media posts offering assistance to individuals helping to install alarms and cameras (our house is now extremely pimped out, Big Brother style!) I know I can speak for Harley and say we have been so touched by people’s kindness and generosity.

I am very aware that this isn’t the most awful thing happening in the world – and we were actually, in some ways, rather lucky. Aside from the window and a few inanimate objects, the house really wasn’t left in much of a state. There was considerably little actual damage and most importantly – the cats are alive and well! (Albeit a little sensitive – Aurora has actually started growling when she hears an unusual noise near the back door!)

But the feeling of having your home and personal possessions invaded is very upsetting and we’ve learnt we have an amazing army of friends and family behind us having suffered the break-in.

Moments like these remind you of who you’re lucky to have around you. And we are very, very lucky!

Going back to security – of course, hindsight’s been a little frustrating. Harley had literally been talking about getting cameras installed only days before the burglary and we had, since moving, neglected to really look into the security of our home. We’ve now got a big, yellow and loud house alarm (sorry Redfield neighbours, I may have set it off the other night!) and cameras installed inside and out. I’ve spread our awful news but encouraged people to get alarms and cameras (we have Yale and Arlo – check them out!) and it seems people have genuinely been inspired to get more secure themselves!

So not only do I now feel uber safe at home, but thanks to our Arlo cameras, I can spy on the cats when I am at work and see if they’re truly as lazy as I’ve suspiciously assumed.

Our house being broken into has also brought us closer to our neighbours, which has been lovely. Of course, the police had to knock on many doors for statements, and we’ve met and chatted to quite a few new faces as a result. Neighbours known and new have shared kind words and offered help. And again – some are now looking into their own home’s security, which can only be a good thing!

Most recently, something truly wonderful occured as a result of our home being burgled. My Pandora bracelet was stolen during the break-in, which was probably the most sentimental item to be taken as all the charms and bracelet itself were gifted to me by friends or family for special occasions.

I received an anonymous package a week or so after the break-in – a new Pandora bracelet lined with some beautiful charms, anonymously sent to bring back some sentimentality with a replacement.

I was shocked and so thankful! I have since discovered the group of individuals who contributed to this and can’t stress enough how touched I was by everyone’s thoughts and actions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All in all, of course I would rather our home hadn’t been broken in to. But I can’t deny that I have felt so loved by our friends and familes’ responses and can see several silver linings – of which can never be stolen!

Big thanks and hugs to everyone who has helped us and shared kind words!

Bethany Wash

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