Inbound marketing: How to rock your About Us page

Your business has a fantastic website. It functions wonderfully; your product/service is explained and promoted excellently and it’s a joy to move around. But what about you?

Or specifically, your About Us page.

The About Us Page can be easily forgotten, or totally neglected to the point of utter uselessness. But without an interesting, informative and accurate About Us section, your business can easily come across as unprofessional, amateur and just plain lazy. After all, it seemingly really shouldn’t take a significant amount of time or effort to create content about yourself. However, many find it an awkward piece of content to put together. Some find it much easier to draft Tinder bio copy. And some suck at both.

It’s totally justifiable to commit a good amount of time to creating this copy. How many people will click straight through to the About Us page when they first hear about you? I’m sure the answer is enough to think about its quality!

Need a little inspiration? There are a few basic additions and/or amendments you can make to your About Us page to stand out and inspire conversions.

Start with you

A marketer

Of course, you’re going to want to make your product/service look fabulous and may lean towards customer-oriented content. But don’t forget to focus – or at the very least, start solely with – details about the business. Foremost, that’s what the entire page is for.

What is your business? Why does it exist? Is it a public company, private or family-owned? Who’s running it and where is it located? When did it all start?

To keep things short and sweet, put lengthy content into neat and tidy figures.


Storytelling approach to a business' About Us page

No matter the business, there’s always a story to tell here. What makes it unique? Is the location key to its story? Maybe the founders are crucial to a captivating tale. Perhaps you can proudly tell of your growth – from the very bottom to the very top. Celebrate your company and turn this content into an interesting narrative, with a little promotional copy hidden within. Scatter fun anecdotes across your copy and readers are far more likely to persevere to the end.

A ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel can be massively endearing and enticing to readers.

Break it up

Example of an infographic

Your About Us page musn’t turn people off. You may have a lot to say, but shoving paragraphs and paragraphs about your history onto one page can be a yawn-instigator. Use images, videos and infographics where possible. Structure the copy with headings, subheadings and bullet point lists. Make your About Us page aesthetically pleasing. Many successful About Us Pages look like infographics at a glance! A timeline’s always a good way around avoiding droning on and on until your About Page turns into an autobiography.

 Personalise imagery

Members of a marketing team

So you already know it’s important to include multimedia into your About Us page. When it comes to images (and videos), try to avoid corporate stock photos. Include photos of your location, your staff, big days for the company – award ceremonies and so on. Maybe even include profiles of each of your employees for a seriously personal touch.

Real photos of real places and real people can result in real customers!

Tone of Voice (TOV) 

About Us content should ideally be as conversational as possible. After all, it’s meant to make your company human, so you should certainly avoid overuse (or really any use!) of industry jargon. Be consistent with your business’ TOV. The content should accurately reflect what your company stands for – and if you thrive at showing personality, your About Us page should do so too.


A marketer's award

Don’t forget to brag about your awards here! By sharing your credentials, you can instantly prove how successful your company is in its industry. Awards can mean credibility so don’t be afraid to shout out about your business’ achievements, even if you’re a runner up of a prestigious award. 

Press coverage 

A newspaper

Many include a sub-section of ‘Press’ in their About Us Page. While it can simply be screenshots of your best coverage in the media, it’s a good idea to expand on these successes for a more personal touch. State how and when the focus of the article came about. Did you support a local charity? Did an employee win an awesome award? Be open and proud of (only positive!) media coverage.

Shout out to the good reviews

A company's reviews

For a personal touch, why not add customer testimonials to your About Us page? These can be lovely pull quotes which not only break up heavy content, but also provide credible reviews about you. Positive feedback, displayed with the name and photo of the reviewer (if they approve), can make your company appear trustable and likeable. 

Update update update 

The word 'news' on a chalkboard

As your company grows older and older, you’ll have more to say in this frequently visited online space. So make sure to update your About Us page as often as required. Add new awards, new products, new services, new office locations and updated company values. Always ensure your company details – from your office postcode to your Twitter handle – are accurate.

Your company values and mission

A marketing team

Make sure to include your core values and mission into your About Us content. These can truly make your business stand out. While they may inevitably be similar to your competitors, they should be unique to your business. Your business philosophy can say a lot about how you function and why you should be the first choice for your product/service.

More About You

Social media channels

Once you’ve drafted and polished your About Us page, don’t forget to add your social media links so readers can find out even more about your business. By seeing how active and responsive you are on social media, readers are far more likely to engage with you and become a paying customer. For some social media tips, check out my blog: ’11 tips for effective Twitter business marketing.’

Don’t forget it!

So whatever you do, don’t neglect your About Us page! It’s an extremely powerful – and yet somehow widely overlooked – part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Your About Us page content must be compelling, personal and digestible content, displayed beautifully. 🙂

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