My alphabet dating diaries: ‘A’ is for…

I stumbled across this expression on Twitter and was intrigued – ‘Alphabet dating.’

I was instantly curious. Does this involve date nights with alphabetti spaghetti? Is this for singletons looking to date those skilled with writing?

I delved into the world wide web and came across this adorable website, actually called Alphabet Dating. What an excellent idea! Basically, alphabet dating is the process of going on dates beginning with each letter of the alphabet. It’s kind of obvious after all.

I think this is such a charming motivation! Not that couples should need to be motivated to make plans and memories together – but alphabet dating almost makes it into a fun and quirky challenge.

This year, I am going to blog about my alphabet dating with my boyfriend Harley. In our super busy lives, it will be nice to have to plan dates together, or separately and surprise each other. But I admit – I am going to cheat slightly. For stand-out dates we’ve already been on, I will include these in my Alphabet Dating Diaries. Such as with ‘A’ below! But for the majority, we will come up with fun ideas from A to Z. (Roll on date letter ‘X’ – Harley, you can plan that one.) So here we go!

‘A’ is for A’DAM Tower, Amsterdam

A couple on the A'DAM Lookout swing in Amsterdam

A double A. What a pro I am. If you’ve read my previous blog ‘What to do on an Amsterdam city break’ you’ll see I enjoyed a jam-packed Amsterdam city break in October last year with Harley and two good friends. And what a weekend that was! One of my favourite parts of the holiday was visiting the A’DAM Lookout; an impressive observation tower located on top of the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam North.

Here, me and Harley took on Europe’s highest swing ‘Over the Edge’ on the very windy sky deck. For only €5 each (on top of the tower entrance fee) we swung back and forth on the red swing at 100 metres high. It felt a lot higher than 100 metres! It was actually terrifying – but the views across the city were incredible. I would definitely recommend this scary but magnificent attraction for a date! After the exhilarating experience, you can dine at the top of the tower. The food was delicious and the skyline views were epic.

The tower is reachable by a free ferry close to Centraal station too, which adds to the sightseeing experience. The ferry ride (signed to to Buiksloterweg) literally takes two minutes and is a lovely addition to the adventures at the A’DAM Tower.

Of course, Amsterdam is an amazing destination for couples as a whole – there’s so much to do and see, so the date ideas across the city are endless! For some inspiration, check out my blog: “5 fantastic reasons to visit Amsterdam.

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