Twitter Ads: 7 easy tips for a successful marketing campaign

Twitter Ads is an awesome marketing tool, and refreshingly pretty easy to manage. So embrace them!

This gloriously interactive social channel can be massively successful for businesses organically – (see my blog ‘11 tips on effective Twitter business marketing‘ for more hints and tips) but sometimes, paid social ads are the key to a high conversion rate and engagement.

If you haven’t used Twitter Ads before, don’t fret. It’s really not that hard. Simply open your Twitter account, head to Twitter Ads and absorb the exciting display of copy infront of you. The result can and should be the magnificent driving of action and adding of value to your company.

Whether you’re totally new to the Twitter Ads game or looking for some hints and tips on your advertising performance, check out my 7 tips on Twitter Ads’ing successfully!

1- Jazz up your Twitter before boosting any posts

Social media marketing through Twitter

 There’s no point in spending time, money and effort promoting your Tweets or producing new creatives only to direct people to an awful, out-of-date Twitter page. Before setting up and activating any Twitter Ads, make sure your company Twitter account is looking superb. Are your profile picture, header photo and bio all of a good quality and up-to-date? Maybe it can be changed to a more relevant image depending on your social media campaign? Check your location and website details are accurate too.

Depending on your campaign type, your goal may me to drive people more so to your website, or a specific landing page within. But people may still head over to your Twitter account out of curiosity.

Your Twitter account should stand out so your Twitter Ads are pointing people in an awesome direction. 

 2- Twitter Ads: Pay attention to detail

Magnifying glass symbolising paying attention to detail in a Twitter Ads campaign

So you want to start a new campaign? Awesome. The steps are really quite simple. But one mistake can be detrimental to the success of your Twitter Ads. Choose the campaign type in relation to your business goals. Do you need to raise brand awareness? Do you need more Twitter followers or engagement? Do you desire more people to view a new promotional video? Perhaps you’re keen to get your brand name trending? Maybe you want to promote a new app… or maybe website clicks or conversions are the dream.

Twitter Ads give you a great array of options to choose from so they can do the work to focus on your key business objective.

  • Name your campaign and ensure you’ve considered when it should run and how long for. Obviously seasonal themed or event focussed ads should only run at the relevant times. Setting campaign timeframes can be super important if you don’t want to blow your budget and end the campaign too quickly. This makes Twitter Ads super cost-effective!
  • Specify your audience appropriately. Twitter Ads makes this so easy. You can specify the location, gender, age, language and even devices used by your audience. To really reign in on your targeted audience, add additional audience features, such as keywords and interests.

Detailed targeting is the key to success.

  • Amend the copy to cater for your audiences too! With multiple versions of ads inside ad groups (you’ll find out about this in a moment) you can adjust your language depending on your readers. USA based Tweeters will want to see color instead of colour in a Tweet, as an example.Marketer screenshare of setting up Twitter Ads audience features
  • Budget like a beast. Don’t jump straight in with your entire social ads budget, especially if you’re meant to be spreading this across other social media channels. Twitter Ads makes you cap the amount you will spend each day, so there’s no nasty cost surprise when your campaign ends.

3- Understand & embrace the three tier structure

A marketer creating Twitter Ads in the three tier structure of campaign, ad groups and Tweets

Twitter now offers a three-tier campaign structure to make creating ads even easier. If you’ve read my blog ‘A guide to Google AdWords: The Dos and Don’ts‘, you’ll know all about ad groups.

Twitter has adopted ad groups to make your campaigns better structured and manageable.

Tier #1 = Campaign = A single advertising goal – from the list mentioned before. Can contain many ad groups.

Tier #2 = Ad group = Organised groups of ads where you input how much money you want to spend, over what amount of time and things like targeting and scheduling.

Tier #3 = Tweets (creatives) = Your magical Tweets themselves, either promoted existing or newly created ones for the campaign(s).

The cool thing about Twitter Ads is that it will auto-optimize delivery to the best-performing Tweet in your ad groups, if there’s more than one. A/B Testing is key. Try two or more versions of a Tweet with different copy and pictures and see which performs better. Result!

4- Get creative with your creatives

Creative marketing

Of course, your Twitter Ads are there to be seen.

Stand out from the fast-paced Twitter universe with amazing and compelling creatives.

Twitter gives you the wonderful option to promote an existing Tweet or create a brand new one. It’s all about effective ad copy so spend some time drafting content and proof-reading. Here are the media specifications:

Twitter Ads media specifications

Adding high-quality media to your Tweets is imperative for success – unless your business goal is to attract Followers (this can distract from the Call To Action (CTA). If your goal is to promote your account, you don’t have to add Tweets to the campaign, but it’s highly recommend you do so.

 5- Perfect your CTA

A megaphone symbolising a Twitter Ads campaign call to action

Of course, the whole point of running Twitter Ads is to drive traffic and business. So make sure your CTA is incredibly clear in your promoted Tweets. Are you shouting about your latest whitepaper download? Promoting an enticing product sale? Or simply letting the world know who you are? If your promotion has a deadline, make sure it’s clear in your Ads. A sense of urgency can really spur people on. If you’re broadcasting something free or an insanely good deal – shout about it passionately!

Follow us! Download here! Find out more! RT for a chance to win! It’s basic, but it works.

6) Remember your brand Tone of Voice (TOV)

Your TOV should be consistent already across your organic Tweets.

Try and focus on this when producing your Twitter Ads creative too! Use self-generated #’s if you want to shout about your business and get people talking about it. Ensure your Twitter Account reflects consistent brand messaging at a glance  – and at a detailed browse.

7) Export, monitor & learn

Analysis of Twitter Ads marketing campaigns

Once your Twitter Ads are up and running, it’s imperative to continuously monitor how they’re performing. You can easily monitor your organic Tweets on the Twitter Analytics page – and for Twitter Ads, Ads Manager is the awesome equivalent tool. Here you’re presented with a spectacular dashboard of knowledge and experience. See all your running, paused, expired and exhausted campaigns. View how much you spent on each and whether it was worth it!

Your campaign dashboard concisely tracks your ad impressions (how many times they were seen), results (depending on your specific campaign goals), engagement rate (impressions divided by results) and, seriously importantly, the final cost per result. This can determine whether you can continue running similar campaigns or if your budget has just doubled!

Export all this juicy data and share it with your team. Analyse the best bits in preparation for future campaigns.

With hundreds of millions of active users, Twitter is not a platform to ignore! What are your tips for success on Twitter Ads? 🙂

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