7 awesome household items in my Redfield home

Since moving into our new home last year, shopping has been a never-ending adventure of bargain-hunting and treasure-finding for me and Harley.

As we’ve made some significant progress in ‘doing-up’ our lovely Redfield home, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite new household items! Seven items, specifically…

1- The bath tray

A bath and bath tray

Buying a bath tray has totally changed my life. It takes blissful bubble baths to a whole new level of relaxation. Me and Harley got ours from Amazon and it’s been a bathroom game changer. With a specific wine glass holder slot and adjustable book and Kindle holder, my baths are truly complete. For more on my gorgeous Kindle, check out my Kindle Paperwhite review here.

This eco-friendly bamboo bath tray also acts as a snazzy seating area for the cats in the daytime, when they fancy some time-out hovering above the bath.

There are loads of options and variants online, but we got ours here.

2- Sparkly toilet seat

In keeping with the bathroom theme, let’s meander over to the toilet. How pleasant! My sparkly toilet seat was one of our earliest house purchases. It’s so pretty. It’s made an otherwise pretty gross bathroom feature BEAUTIFUL. I love it! And it was a Wilko bargain, found online here. You can get a matching toilet brush holder too! ALL THE SPARKLES.

Make your toilet wonderfully princessy by purchasing the sparkly seat here.

3- Sonos speakers

Sonos speakers

All techy gadgets in our home were advocated passionately by Harley – but I was totally onboard with purchasing Sonos speakers.

We have three at the moment, and fully intend on getting more! They fit so snugly everywhere in the house – and look particularly cute on our bookshelves. They connect wirelessly with the other Sonos speakers in the house so music is streamed perfectly, in time, so you can listen to the same song as you wander about. They look fab, and sound fantastic. The Sonos app is super handy too! I can easily control which specific rooms I want music to play in, and choose music from the radio, music on my iPhone, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more.

4- Rice cooker

Rice was my cooking nemesis. I failed at cooking rice a plethora of times, and finally gave in and chose to only buy microwavable packets in a fury. But then came along the RICE COOKER. Don’t ask me how it works. I still don’t know. All we do is plonk in those cheeky grains with water and leave it to do its thing. And boom – rice perfection. Ideal for when Harley decides to cook his notoriously scrumptious chilli con carnes.

5- Teal chandelier 

Wilko teal-accented Marie Therese 5 Arm Chandelier Light

I’ve always desired a chandelier at home. It just sounds so extravagant and oozes regalness! We found this absolute beauty in – guess! – Wilko! What a bargain. Our teal themed living room is complete. Our teal-accented Marie Therese 5 Arm Chandelier Light is so divine and still available online, here.

6- Microchip cat flap

We were lucky to have a SureFlap cat flap already installed when we moved into our Redfield home, along with the packaging and set-up instructions! Super handy. Our cat flap is awesome. It’s triggered to unlock when either of our cats are close – through scanning their microchips.

For more on these gorgeous feline family members, check out my blog: “10 things I learnt from my cats in 2017.

7- John Lewis wine glasses

John Lewis Penny Kennedy wine glasses

Just LOOK at these beauties. They’re epic. They were a magnificent gift from my dad last Christmas and are probably the coolest household item in our entire kitchen. I won’t look for these on the John Lewis website as I shouldn’t really investigate the cost of a present – but I am sure they’re easily discoverable online! They’ll be found under the wonderful Penny Kennedy range.

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