10 reasons why I love living in Redfield, Bristol

I moved to Redfield with my boyfriend Harley in April 2017 and I’ve fallen massively in love with the area.

Growing up in Cornwall, I never saw myself becoming a ‘city person’. I go back to see family and adore detoxing in the middle of nowhere (ish – Camelford mainly), switching off (quite literally; the signal’s not great) and indulging in Cornwall’s astounding natural beauty. Yes, it all sounds a tad cheesy.

But since moving to Redfield, I’ve become a city person, or at least massively adjusted, adapted and found myself missing Bristol whenever I leave the city. Redfield, in particular, is a wonderful area.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m so happy to have started a new chapter in this vibrant, diverse and friendly area of Bristol. 

1- Redfield: My new home & family

A light box ornament with the words 'New Home'

Out of force of habit, I still refer to Cornwall as home. But Redfield is truly home now! Me and Harley moved into our new home last year; a lovely end of terrace house with a small but cute garden. I love our home. We’ve ‘done up’ the garden, kitchen and bathroom so far, and it’s really fun planning our next makeovers!

The house had a homey feel the second we unpacked. It’s a quirky building – plenty of dodgy DIY attempts were left for us to tackle – and everyone that visits says how welcoming and homey it feels. And who better to enjoy the house with than my Bristol family – Harley and our two cats. I normally end up writing for hours when I mention the feline cuties (Lines and Aurora) so I’ll stop here. But for more on the best two cats in Bristol, catch up on my recent cat blog here.

2- Sundays at St George Park

Bethany and her sister Kearney at St George Park in Redfield, Bristol

Me (right) and my wonderful older sister Kearney at St George Park on a chilly but pretty autumnal morning!

I still have no idea if this is called St George or St George’s Park but I know one thing: it’s a lush area to relax in and explore and it’s practically on my doorstep at home. This was honestly one of our main attractions to Redfield! The Victorian park’s huge, gorgeous and an all-rounder; tennis courts, a skatepark, a bowling green, an idyllic lake (home to ducks and swans) and a dog-free children’s playground are all on offer. In the summer, the park is an obvious choice for sun-soaked relaxing and picnicing. In the colder seasons, a short, or lengthy depending on the route, walk is wonderful.

Check out the community-run ‘Friends of St George Park’ Facebook page here.

3- Pancakes at Grounded 

My most delicious breakfast to date has been devoured at Redfield’s Grounded a number of times. Found on Church Road (and an enticingly super short walk from my door), Grounded serves a gorgeous menu of dishes throughout the day. But please try the American Pancakes with smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup. It’s insanely delicious. It’s only £5 – and really filling. It’s simply amazing and perfectly complimented with a super fresh mango and passion fruit smoothie. Grounded also serve a great flatbread and pizza. See their full menu here.

Tip: At peak times, it’s definitely worth booking a table in advance! 

4- Brunch at The Lock Up

Marketer Bethany Wash in the Lock Up, Church Road, Bristol

From left to right: Harley, me, my mum Karen and her partner Steve. The best surprise birthday meal ever!

If you read my 25th birthday blog, you’ll know I was treated to an amazing brunch at The Lock Up, also on Church Road, last October. The family-run restaurant and bar also has an incredible menu – not to mention their super tasty and super strong cocktails. I’m so lucky to have this gorgeous restaurant so close by in Redfield – I’ve devoured breakfast and lunch here, so watch this space for a dinner review!

5- Pubs, pub pubs Pubs along Church Road in Redfield, Bristol

On our first night in our new Redfield home, me and Harley wandered down to The Old Stillage, and it soon became one of our favourite Bristolian pubs. We happened to celebrate our exciting new era of adventures on a Thursday evening, when the pub was hosting an Irish Acoustic Jam session! (Being a 1/4 Irish and massively passionate about Ireland, this was the perfect end to a manic but exhilarating day!). Since them, we’ve had many a night and summer afternoon in The Old Stillage, and sampled their Christmas roast in December ‘Behind the Bookcase’, which was delicious.

The pub’s always got something on, whether it be a good ole pub quiz or R’n’B night – so check them out!

6- Movie nights at Bristol Spirit

Cocktails and cider served at Bristol Spirit in Redfield, Bristol

Bristol Spirit on Whitehall Road is another local delight! Bristol Spirit is just one wonderful bar and kitchen where you can find the business’ magical Espensen Spirit concoctions. They host a handful of cute events too – my favourite being the movie nights. Read my full review of a movie night at Bristol Spirit here.

7- Buses to town

 OK, I know it sounds crazy, and I’ll come across ridiculously easily-pleased, but I love the bus connections in Redfield. I only ever hear super negative things about Bristol buses – but I’m pretty satisfied when it comes to getting around from home. Compared to our previous home in St Anne’s, we have a plethora of commutes at our fingertips.  

8- Cat-friendly

Cat Lines

Our lovely cat Lines gazing down onto his Redfield Kingdom

Redfield is so cat-friendly it’s incredible. It’s such a shame cats from different homes don’t get along, as they could hang in St George Park and loiter behind Aldi at such ease. Our cat Lines seems to be a popular dude. He sits proudly on our front wall and within minutes, we can see passers-by stopping to give him a stroke. That’s the benefit of a window seat! 

For an insight into my cat-themed life, read my blog: “10 things I learnt from my cats in 2017“. 

9- St George & Redfield Voice

Article written by Bethany Wash in the Redfield based St George & Redfield Voice

In-between working, being a cat-mum, playing in a flute choir and failing miserably at pub quizzes, I volunteer as a journalist at the St George & Redfield Voice. I started volunteering for this wonderful, free monthly hyperlocal newspaper when we moved to Redfield last year and have loved meeting local people and writing about local news. You can read some of my articles on my portfolio page here.

10- Redfest

Redfest is a fantastic event held each August, aimed to provide a free, accessible performing and visual arts event for the community of East Bristol. The festival was founded in 2008 and is now a super popular annual event for the whole community to enjoy. I look forward to what this year’s event has to offer! If you want to get involved with Redfest 2018, click here.

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  1. 27th June 2018 / 3:39 pm

    Looking at moving here, thanks for all the info. If we end up there I know all the places to go now 🙂

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